I believe the Dayton Audio MB1025-8 10″ Professional High Power driver might be a great alternative to using the Celestion. It has the same usable sensitivity of 96db but 50% better XMAX and in a 1 FT3 internal volume box will give an F3 of 59Hz (while using 50Hz 2nd order high pass to protect from excessive excursion.) VS about 98HZ for the Celestion (after the 60HZ second order HIGHPASS) It would give this speaker a much better frequency range. So would be better for a surround speaker or center channel. 98Hz 3db down I don’t feel is not low enough for surround speakers I would want at least 70Hz 3db down. Would work good for a center channel or even front left and right. There is no reason to limit this speaker to just 100HZ specially if you don’t have too.

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