@Chedwin – I’ve been tinkering this morning with what you suggested.  I started from scratch and brought in the Circuit Blocks for the tweeter and woofers first since I wasn’t really changing anything.  They when wiring them I noticed the graph was relatively smooth WITHOUT the mids…

I bought the mids ONLY because they were onsale for a great discount, but now I’m thinking the woofers I chose are full range enough that I don’t need them.  When I do add them, I get weird and aggressive dips to the tune of -10 db in the overall FR graph.

I think I was over complicating things by forcing these mids into the design…What are your thoughts?

The graph below has a HiPass on the T = 2K Hz and the LoPass on the W = 750 Hz

(notice I pulled the + lead from the mids and moved it away to disconnect them)

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