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Ok, I need help.  I bought a boot delay/pop filter/speaker protection circuit from Aliexpress.

I’ve tried running the amp output to the left/right input on the above board and I get no sound.  I tried running just the positive to the board and bypassing it with the negative side and I still get no sound.  I have the board getting 12v from the buck down converter which is being fed with a 24volt 5 amp switching power block.  That circuit says I can run AC or DC power but I’m having trouble understanding technical stuff that is translated from Chinese.  There is something about removing resistors and other such stuff that I simply don’t know if I need to do or not.  I think it says something about having to run that circuit on a different power supply as well.  Like I said, I’m confused and don’t understand it.  Any help is appreciated.  I can post pics if needed.