Thank you for that, I have made quite a few speakers now, and I’ve always just used 1 watt to model the enclosure and port, it’s never caused me any issues even playing them at high volumes, but my concern came from when I did try to up the signal power out of curiosity and the air velocity makes it look as though my speaker would have bad chuffing from the port. But in reality the ports have worked fine, even the measurements of finished speakers taken with the omnimic haven’t shown anything unusual (I don’t think). Basically I’m just unsure now how safe it is to model with 1 watt on a speaker that is likely to cost a lot of money to make. I’m just confused as to why the speakers sound good in reality but winisd is showing that at full volume the port isn’t optimal. Like I said in the above post, the port size with 30 watts signal power is impossible to fit in the box, I could just keep doing what I’ve done before but I really like to know I’m doing something to the best of my ability, so I thought it best to make this post and find out from the experts if what I’m doing is ok.

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