I’m not sure you would hear those peaks, IMO they’re not too bad, it looks like a descent response, did you try inverting the polarity on the tweeter and seeing if you get a nice dip at the crossover point? I think you should aim for around a 6db dip, although I have had upto 12db dip in that area without any noticeable issues, but like I said in my thread I am no expert, just trying to help and if someone corrects any of my advice then I wouldn’t be surprised 😂.

It looks like you might have a funky impedance though, it dips pretty low which might cook your amp, hopefully someone with better knowledge than me will be able to advise you on that.

As for what you said on your comment in my thread about ordering the parts, if you plan on putting high quality expensive parts in your speakers then it can be costly to buy them and then have to change something, becuase I found that the spl level of the tweeter in xsim ends up being higher in the finished design, so I now model the tweeter to dip around 3db and when I do the real life mic tests it ends up flat. That’s just my experience with it though. I order the cheapest parts possible first ie, iron core inductors, sand cast resistors and electrolytic caps for the testing as it’s way cheaper, then if I’m happy with the response I then order the more expensive high quality parts. But I order from sound imports not parts express, their prices seem to differ slightly

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