got about 6 mintues in and already he has said 2 things that are flat out factually incorrect

1 – he said Dolby dont give you angles in the PDF diagrams and and showed only the top down view diagram on screen

Correction – in the pdf each speaker layout option has 3 different diagrams showing top down view, perspective view and side view with angles for atmos positioning for example 9.1.6 setup on page 48. There is also an entire section of the document of additional placement guidance including angle information for further speakers beyond 9.1.6 (atmos can scale up to 24.1.10), section 4 starting on page 51


2 – He said Dolby say to point the atmos spekaers straight down ‘wasting the good sound’

Correction – Dolby say (quote) “<If the chosen overhead speakers have a wide dispersion pattern (approximately 45 degrees from the acoustical reference axis over the audio band from 100 Hz to 10 kHz or wider), then speakers may be mounted facing directly downward. For speakers with narrower dispersionpatterns, those with aimable or angled elements should be angled toward the primary listening position” In simpler terms this means if the speaker dispersion is wider than 90 degress it can be pointied straight down making installation simpler, if the dispersion is narrower point the speaker at the listeners head. This is on page 7


In the few minutes I managed to watch I can conclude that he has either not properly understood the dolby reccomendation PDF or (I suspect more likely) hasnt actually read the whole PDF and has only seen a few of the diagrams in AVR manuals.

Josh Evans, Professional Live Sound Engineer, High End Commercial AV Install Technician

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