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Nate Gupta

The Projector Screen

I plan on making the screen myself using Seymour acoustically transparent screen material – Seymour Center Stage XD. Saw some posts on AVS Forums about the XD material being the best among what they tested. I have been exchanging emails with Seymour team to gather as much info as I can and I think I am ready to order enough material to make a 150″ screen.

The Screen Frame

Have not finalized what material to use – metal frame or 1×4″ wooden boards based. Wooden frame would be easy to build and I am leaning towards it.

The Screen Wall

Since it will be an acoustically transparent screen, I will need to place it 2 feet ahead of the back wall, to provide enough space for LCRs and possibly two subwoofers. I may have to build a support structure to hang the screen on. The screen should be lift-able to allow access to the equipment behind it.

I got the idea from Youthman’s video to install Gas Struts on either side of the screen to make it lift-able and hold it up without having to provide any additional support

Also, it would be nice to install a LED light strip around the screen border. There are some nice light strips available on Amazon that can be Alexa/Google home controlled with voice commands.