Sorry @induscreed , got slightly derailed and went on a bit of a tangent

A proper answer to your original question on correct placement, I stand by my answer to use the Dolby home theatre PDF. Although I have issue with home theatre gurus slightly lacking understanding of the dolby home theatre PDF and view his criticism of it as flawed, he isnt off base with the angles he showed on the whiteboard, you just dont need to use the studio PDF to get those angles

As we have found all 3 PDFs use largely the same range of angles adjusted slightly for the expected acoustic environment, you can follow the home theatre PDF and the speakers will all be in the “correct” placement. Pay close attention to written details on pages 7, 8, 9 and use the angle number ranges more than absolute positioning in the diagram on page 42 for your particular speaker layout

Josh Evans, Professional Live Sound Engineer, High End Commercial AV Install Technician

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