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Nate Gupta

The Tools to build the Box

My build entailed working without a CNC machine. I used basic woodworking tools as well as some other tools & jigs I did not possess and had to purchase them.

First and foremost, having a working space with a workbench helps tremendously. Bit obvious but I had to point out for the people like me who don’t have a dedicated workshop and have to use alternatives like their garages instead. Also, be prepared to deal with a lot of MDF dust. It really is messy to work with MDF. I did not realize it when I saw @123toid complaining about it in one of his videos 😀

  • Table saw or Track saw (required): Used to cut MDF board to size.
  • Miter saw (optional): Helps makes smaller straight cuts.
  • Router & router bits (required): Used to make round cuts for drivers in the baffle. I personally like using plunge routers. There are a couple of options available, cheaper and affordable:
  •  Circle jig for the router (required): Used to cut perfect circles with the help of routers. I used Milescraft circle jig: Milescraft Circle Jig on Amazon
  • Wood glue (required)
  • Clamps (required): I purchased 1/2″ pipe clamps from Amazon to build my own clamps: Pipe clamps on Amazon. I purchased 120 inches long 1/2 inches black iron pipes from Lowes and had them cut at 30″ long, thereby giving me 4 pieces for every 120 inches long pipe. They can even thread them at one end so you can screw in your pipe clamps. The cheapest way to collect clamps!
  • Sander (optional): Orbital or a belt sander would be handy. Optionally, you can use a block and sand paper.