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Nate Gupta

The parts list for speakers

  • The Crossover components as listed in the build plans for the Cinema 10.
  • The crossover board: 5″x7″ Crossover Board. I ended up not ordering these as I had 1/4″ thick plywood lying around which I cut to size and used it instead. I hot-glued crossover components on it and it worked very well.
  • The 2.5″ ports. Each speaker would require 2 of these: 2.5″ Ports
  • Binding post for the speaker. Each speaker would require 1 of these: Binding Post
  • Screws meant for MDF. As MDF does not take screws well, make sure you get #8 screws. I got 1/2 inch long screws. You could probably get away with 3/4 inch long screws: 1/2 long #8 screws meant for MDF
  • Cabinet damping material: 5 lbs damping material
  • I also ordered Gasketing tape but ended up not using it: Gasketing tape
  • The speaker cable. I ordered 14 awg oxygen free copper speaker cable from Amazon: AmazonBasic Speaker Cable. You will need this cable to connect the binding posts and the speaker drivers to the crossover.