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Nate Gupta

The tools for assembling the Speaker parts

  • Electric drill. I have a couple, Ridgid brand, that are cordless. Make sure you have a good drill bit set as well that contains bits for pre-drilling.
  • A good soldering iron. Amazon and Parts Express have some good options available. Make sure you get one with the variable temperature and can heat over 600 F.
  • Hot Glue gun if you plan on using scrape wood pieces to host your crossover components. You can hot glue the components on your home-made crossover board directly.
  • A good wire stripper tool.
  • A Crimping tool for Speaker connectors. I ordered this from Amazon and really like it: Wirefy Crimping Tool
  • Wire connectors. These will plug the speaker wires from the crossover to the speaker drivers and the binding post. I ended up ordering a kit containing multiple types of connectors: 280 pieces Electrical Wire connectors