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  • Toids_DIY_Audio

    January 5, 2023 at 9:25 pm

    I put 2 on the mid and 1 on the tweeter


    mid range



    As with the rest of the crossover these will have to change based on availability of actual components but also change based on the specific crossover slopes you end up using (these values are correct for my crossover slope configuration)

    Use them as a starting guideline with the rough crossover then update the high and low pass with actual component values, after youve done that update the notch filters with real vales and adjust slightly as needed to fine tune the notch filter parameters


    I will warn you the tolerance of component values for notch filters are much tighter than for standard high/low pass filters to hit the targeted frequency and Q. You will likely have to series inductors and/or parallel capacitors to get as close as possible to the desired values (This is why I suggest finalising your high and low pass filters with available components first then looking at the notch filters)