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  • Toids_DIY_Audio

    February 12, 2023 at 5:04 pm

    Uploading images of my progress.  I did maple w/ 2 walnut stripe inlays for the front baffles, and 3/4″ mdf for the remainder of the enclosures.  This is my 2nd speaker build, and still learning a lot of woodworking techniques, so I’m a complete newb!  I should also add I am making a center channel with the same baffle design at the same time as the Epics, you will see it in these photos.

    Center channel baffle. (1) tweeter, (2) mids, (2) woofers w/ (2) PR for each woofer.  I didn’t want the width of the enclosure any longer than 3′ wide.  The active woofers are above and between the PRs.  I made a small box to fit behind the mids and tweeter to make a separate enclosure within the full enclosure.

    I don’t have an sophisticated tools.  The angles on the box sides below were done with a cheap handheld jigsaw that has a bottom plate that can be set to angle…not the best cuts, but I smoothed them out by sanding them to fit tighter to seal them up.

    Here is the layout of the crossovers.  I split them up due to the mid brace.  This is about as far as I’ve gotten (the crossovers are completely built and wired, just not installed in the enclosures yet).  I am still working on the enclosures to prep for paint and finish.  I’m toying with adding some chamfers to the front baffles and have a couple designs, but due to the striped inlays I might just keep it simple and do a 45 like Nick did for his build.

    Trying to finish these up this weekend, so I’ll post more pics of getting across the finish line.