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  • arnout

    January 16, 2022 at 3:25 pm


    thank you for the quick responce. 

    why should i use xsim for that? i already have a passive version. so i could measure the passive version. that way i have the slopes and frequency responce of the passive version.

    then i try to replicate that with my crossover.

    I allready tried. maybe put in some more work. but the reason i am calling for help is that with the active crossover with music the speakers sound awesome. but with movies it just seems like a bit of out off phase. when i switch back and forth between the active speaker and the passive the passive one is much more crisp and on point. (frequency responce is the same).

    i have had this problem with al my active speakers i build. that is why i build this klipsch thx passive speaker. and i want to figure out what the hell i am doing wrong.


    thanks in advance