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@arnout Yes, this is due to that most digital filters that are applied are minimum phase (or sometimes worse), which is why I was asking if you were capable of processing FIRs (whether in the form of wave files, or text, either should work and allow you to apply linear phase filters). I haven’t looked at the passive components for this, but it might be that the slopes are asymmetric to compensate for time alignment between the woofer and horn, which would explain the phase issues you have been mentioning, and can be fixed through adding delay to fix the alignment issue (digital time alignment alternative to asymmetric crossovers which change lobing behaviours).

That might not even be the issue you are encountering though, figuring out the slope by measuring the drivers with the passive components applied is an inherently problematic way of figuring out what the crossover is doing since there are many errors that may have been introduced. I highly recommend mocking up the components in Xsim to find out what they are doing instead, there’s less to go wrong with that method, just remember to incorporate the internal resistance of each passive component when doing so.

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