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@123toid @Arnout While this method works great, (nothing wrong with it when done right). There’s quite a bit that can go wrong, various things from the point at which the slope starts, and sometimes even the steepness of the slope can be misinterpreted due to room interactions, so it is critical that when doing this method you must window out any reflections.

As for the simulation of the passive components I mentioned, whilst it’s easier to see exactly what the filter is doing (you’ll be able to see the filtering of the baffle step correction much easier for example). What I forgot to mention is that to get an accurate representation you’ll need the impedance plots for each driver in Xsim, since passive components affect the driver depending on their impedance unlike active DSP. One thing to note with that though, is you may need to measure the impedance of the horn with something like the DATS since the horn attached to the compression driver likely will have changed the impedance of the compression driver from what is measured from factory (due to loading and unloading).

Each method isn’t perfect, and both should work. It’s up to you now to choose which is best/easiest for you 👍.

Best of luck 😉

Elliott Dyson – Owner of Elliott Designs (the YouTube channel) and 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student. -UK

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