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  • arnout

    January 18, 2022 at 11:31 am


    so i have been working on the active design yesterday. I first did measurement of the passive design. it is in room so it will not be perfect but gives a rough estimate.

    So what i did then is tried to replicate that with the active crossover. so for the bass-mid i didnot have to change anything. It was set to a 24db linkwitz riley slope at 1450 hertz. it matches perfectly

    But for the highs i ended up with 12db at 2150 hertz. i needed to some boosting in the high frequencies. (i dont like boosting but i wanted to do it quick and dirty). so now frequency response matches perfectly.

    Result: i am very impressed with the result, dialogue in movies is crystal clear. everything in the movies is crystal clear.  now i don’t need my centerchannel any more. (i like it better without centerchannel). there is still room for improvement but my main problem what i always had is gone. that dialogue was always not clear. and that speakers could not create ambiance sound. you know what i mean when a person walks into a church you hear the echos of footsteps bouncing from the walls. with good speakers you get the feeling of the acoustics of the church. that is what my speakers always lacked. Now it is there very cool!!!

    so now what was wrong with my other dsp settings so i maybe learn for the future when i build new speakers 🙂 i know there is more then only frequency response but i need to start somewhere. below is the frequencyplot of the first active version of the klipsch thx.