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  • jgs5607

    January 16, 2022 at 9:34 am


    No problem, perusing Celestion’s site, it looks like they use an entirely different base number when they have a bolt on version and a screw version of the same driver across their line, unlike Eminence that uses the same base model number and add an S suffix for the screw on model and PRV that uses a B or S suffix to differentiate. Must be Brit thinking 🙂.

    My Cinema 6 Center project is now proceeding again; found a NIB DE250-8 on Ebay and my offer was accepted yesterday ( coming from Canada, so probably 2 weeks till it gets here.) I will post my build when it is completed since it will be a unique modded version of the base 6.

    FYI, for those wanting to start their Cinema 6 builds,  Parts Express now pushed out their in-  stock date to March now, which is the same timeframe USSPEAKER gave me that caused me to cancel my order with them.