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  • lindelium18

    October 20, 2019 at 12:40 pm

    If you would like to follow along in my post, I’m currently trying to deal with some chuffing issues on a build I’m working on. The post is called, “The New Build – The Alyens.”  Essentially, I have built the enclosure to a worst case scenario with a long, non-flared port tuned DEEP. I think it’s tuned to something like 28hz in a 2” x 8.5” port. At anything above 125 watts, chuffing is audible to me from about 35hz to about 22hz.  I think, off the top of my head, air velocity was audible at about 12 m/s.  However, here comes the complication; right now, the sub is the only speaker in the enclosure so, with other music, the chuffing may not be as audible. So, my next step is going to be a round over on all parts of the port where the air changes direction.  We will see if that does it.