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Ahh, thank you for clearing that up for me, after reading your comment I decided to re-read the message I had recieved regarding the inductor, it turns out I had mis understood what he was telling me as i shouldn’t ever put a lower inductor into that part of the circuit, but it makes more sense now that he was talking about the effect it was having on my impedance as apposed to a 2.2mh inductor. All this time I have been avoiding using smaller inductors there, and really struggling to get a good response graph, I have even changed tweeters due to it 😂


I’ll upload my latest attempt at a crossover shortly so that you can take a gander and give me your proffesional opinion on it, i think its ok, seems to be in phase, and I’ve tried to use the least amount of parts possible. Hopefully you give me the thumbs up with it but im man enough to take some constructive critisism. 

Thanks again for what you do with this site 👍


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