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  • dameo182

    June 26, 2021 at 10:17 pm


    The drivers I’m using for this build are the ND65-8 (2 wired in parallel) and the ND20FA-6 to create another MTM. I chose to do another MTM as I want to be competent at designing those before moving on to more complicated builds. I have a 3 way speaker planned for the near future which I could use some advice on but that will be a few months down the line and only if this one works out to be ok.

    Also I think the little hump at 6500hz is due to diffraction, I did my best to filter that out but its being very stubborn, overall I think the response is +/-2db. I tried to bring out as much bass as possible from the speakers as they are quite small, they are front ported too using a slot port.