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@deadeye – I’m still in the design stages on a couple different things. I am looking at the on sale Dayton Audio ES104AMT-4, the Foster E100T10, and other high range tweeters to figure out the highest part. I really like the Freq. Response of the ND13FA-4, which has a great 45deg at -3dB to 16,800 and 30 degree is good to 20,000. But, depending on crossover type and order, you may need to cross at like 6000 with that (and the 88.5dB means it needs matched roughly with the driver and mid or you need more than one, etc.).

I may need to redesign my Dayton/Peerless 3-way, as I just learned about the crossover and Fs of the tweeter AFTER I designed it. But it is what it is. Except for the Peerless Fs, the rest would have been fine. Either that or I can make it taller, swap a different Peerless in like the DA25BG08-06, double check the wavelength distance, then reduce the depth accordingly (which also means changing the volume of the braces, which then also reduces volume), but should not be too hard (and I have some room to spare on the distances from the center of each driver, so it should be fine with those changes). Makes me think if I’m changing the mid-tweeter, might as well change the small tweeter to the ES104 AMT, except for the wavelength possibly making it too large a distance for crossing properly.

But glad you found what you are looking for.

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