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@ajc9988 Thanks for this.

I’ve made significant progress since my post.  There are so many drivers by so many manufacturers.  It’s easy to whittle a lot of them out as they naturally have a rubbish frequency response.


I actually have two working speakers and I’ve finalised a crossover design that works.


DATS V3 arrived this week and I have a UMIK1 so it’s time to measure the drivers in the cabinets to make sure the crossover works in real life before I buy parts.

I bought a cheep pair of 3-way crossovers and use Dirac Live in my amp to “fix the issues” and they sound great.


I went with Scanspeak 70003 tweeter – flat to 20KHz and goes to 30kz+ (eyewateringly expensive)

SB Acustics Satori MD60N-6 soft dome mid. (Not cheap)

2 x Dayton RS225-8s (got them cheap in the UK)

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