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Thans for this, it’s so tricky choosing.


I really like the Seas Excel stuff but it’s expensive and I don’t know yet if what I build will be any good.

I am tempted to just use the drivers Nick used in the uglies.  I’m 80/20 films and a 2-way is easier than 3-way.  Maybe


Thing is, I’m supposed to be building speakers that are better than my PMCs.  The PMCs are amazing.


I’ve got an Arcam recevier with Dirac Live for room correction and I’ll have enough power to drive whatever I build.  I have a JL Audio E112 sub with 1500watt built-in amp so that can keep up with anything and break your house. I might even build new ones to match my mains.


I need to choose quickly as I’ve had my templates waterjetted in 6mm aluminium (I’m building the cabinets from sandwiches of 18mm MDF) so I need to know volumes to pick which sandwiches to make.


I didn’t really want to port the cabinet so I would be putting the Tangbands W8s in a sealed box which according to the part-express website would tun to 75Hz which is great as I’d probably still cross them at 80Hz for movies.

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