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  • elliottdesigns

    June 26, 2021 at 8:55 pm

    This is pretty much everything at this time, I would have thought. I use Solidworks, since I’m lucky enough to be studying an engineering degree that provides it for me, however I heard that they might be releasing a cheap plan for hobbyists and makers, if they do that it will definitely be one to add. A lot more capable than Fusion360 and a lot easier to use than FreeCAD. Very similar to other full fledged parametric 3d modelling packages (unlike fusion which is a bit in its own world in terms of how parts are built), so if it does end up opening up to hobbyists, I’d definitely recommend it!


    Edit: Solidworks also has immense capabilities in CNC work with advanced 3d tool paths and automated ones at that too!

    Also, fusion 360 may have this feature, but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen it used, with Solidworks you can export as .3mf (3d manufacturing file), which is essentially an STL but without any problems that come with STL files, it doesn’t even have triangles!