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I ran into a couple of problems. First, we had bad snowstorms. Getting new material from getting new materials was out of the question. Luckily, the snow has passed and I was able to get the material. Although, this brought apart my second problem.

I went to Home Depot to get my original planned 1/4″ Oak Plywood. While at HD, I noticed a lot of the wood was damaged, but after sometime looking I finally found 1 piece I thought was suitable. Now I do not have a table saw (at the time I originally wrote this), so I planned to use HD. Here in lies the problem…it was broken! Since this was unplanned, I went home to think of alternatives and measure. I knew the counter currently was 1.5″ thick and 17″ wide. After some deliberation, I came up with the idea of using 1 inch thick pine boards. This meant I could use 1×10 (actual 3/4 by 9.5) a 1×8 (actual 3/4 by 7.5) and two 1×3 ((for trim)actual 3/4 by 2.5)) and they would fit perfectly! The best part is it came out to be $3 cheaper ($27)! Here are some dry fit pictures with the hole cut in the top to run wires. I ended up using my Kreg Jig to join the pieces together.

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