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  • 123toid

    August 5, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    Now that the bar is complete, I have moved on to the bar stools. Now the bar stools are tricky. First you need to know the height of your counter to make sure you get the right bar stools. Typical bar stools come in the range of 24 or 30″. Anything over that is pretty custom, although they do make a 36″. Here in lies the problem. First you do not want to build your theater room around the max height of the bar stools. If you do, you probably will not be able to fit them behind a riser. Second, the cost of 36″ or custom bar stools are extraordinary (around $250 on up for each stool). So instead of spending $1,000 on bar stools I spent $50 for all four. I simply followed these directions from DIY Pete and made them the custom height I needed. In my case it ended up being 34″ or 4″ taller than his diagram called for.

    Also, he gave some typical placements of boards. I would measure what feels good for you. I have a few bar stools in my kitchen and like the placement at the bottom for my feet. I simply measured the distance from the top of the seat down to the foot rest and made these the same length. Now they fit my feet well.

    How did I do it? I just used 16 2×4’s some leftover paint and stain. Here is the first one complete:

    I am thinking of shrinking them by 1 inch width in order to make the seats fit a little better without any overhang. Although I haven’t decided how that would change the stability of the stool. I also haven’t decided exactly how I plan to finish them. I am thinking of painting them completely black except for the seats and the top cross beams. Those I’ll stain to match the bar. 

    Budget Tip: Instead of buying expensive custom bar stools – make you own. These were made from common 2×4 (around $3 a board) which cost me about $12 a stool. That means I spent under $50 for 4 bar stools! That is a steal. If you want, you can change the plans, by using a high quality cedar 2×4 and even stain them. Check out DIY Pete for the instructions. Also, before you cut the boards make sure to maximize each boards length. Write down on a piece of paper all your measurements and add them up to around 95″ (assuming 8ft – 96″ board). Do not make the mistake and measure out 96″ of cuts. Your last cut will be short. Remember the saw takes off a few millimeters each cut.