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Let me see if I can explain it. Unfortunately I did not take a lot of pictures, as I had help who were in a hurry to get finished  I went ahead and built it in sketchup. I hope this helps.

There are 4 pieces to the false wall.

1. The bottom frame – is framed just like a wall (except for the whole 16″ for each stud. My wall is approximately 124″ across. Therefore, I took one 124″ 2×4 on the top and one the bottom. In between I put 4 – 2×4’s (20″ tall) on either side of the wall and on either side of the subwoofer.

2. The Top Frame – The top frame is once again 2 – 124″ 2×4’s. This time they are just screwed together with 3 inch screws. There are also smaller 2×4’s each screwed up into the the sx4’s above it. This just gave me enough room to hang the french cleat on. The french cleat is what supports the screen. One half is mounter to the screen with the other half mounted on the 2×4.

3. The left and Right side pieces – The left and right side pieces have two of the same length boards on either side supporting the top frame with 2 smaller 2×4’s screwed into the sides to keep the board equal distance apart from each other. 

4. How the fit together. The top frame is friction fit, meaning you need to rubber mallet hit it in. This keeps it from falling over. In addition, you can run a screw into the drywall at the top if you want. Both side pieces are screwed into the top frame and the bottom frame as well as the wall they are joining (ie either side wall). This just makes sure the wall does not fall forwards. You do not have to hit a stud. 

Before I assembled the boards, I painted them all black and wrapped them in speaker grill cloth. Then I screwed them together. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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