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    August 1, 2019 at 3:19 pm
    Posted by: @123toid


    I’m not sure if I did.  The theater has been finished for quite a few years now 😀  But it’s a good thought for if/when I build another one or anyone else does.

    Or, if you are refurnishing your current one. 

    There are actually 3 sizes that are good for home theatres, where you have a long narrow room … A Couch which is 60-70 inches, love seats which run 40 to 50 inches and the chair-and-a-half which runs 36 to 44 inches wide.

    Of course there’s always plan B … set the system up on the long wall. I know it’s audiophile heresy to even suggest it but I’ve done it a couple of times with very nice results.  Instead of rows of seating, you end up with the seating in a half circle around the screen which can be quite nice for a multi-purpose room.

    This is a computer mock-up of the layout I’ve used a couple of times in “small spaces” apartments or basements…