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I’m new to building speakers,  but not to building.   I’m looking to build some speakers for my college bound son.   These will go in a dorm room with 3 guys, definitely not looking to make audiophile speakers.  Something with good sound,  good bass,  and capable of handling some power. (remember 4 guys,  college,  they need to be able to play pretty loud for extended periods).  

i think either the C-Notes or the Overnight Sensations would be a great idea paired with a Voxel.  I of course, prefer my design 😉  Another idea would be the Dinas, I designed.  Each speaker basically has a Voxel sub built in it.  It’s total box size is about 12.5″ (box not counting tweeter on top), 7.5″ wide and 10″ deep.   They would be a great fit for a college bound kid.  At least in my opinion.  Here is a video of Joe N Tell reviewing them.  Having said that, I don’t think out of those 3 you could go wrong.

I did hear the Passive Aggressive’s at MWAF last year, but only as background music.  So I never go to turn them up loud.  They are a great design, but I think the others would give them a little more sound. 

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