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This may come along a bit late for consideration, but I thought that something along the lines of a simple 2-way with a 4″ and a tweeter would fit the dorm room fairly well. Kind of reminds me of my first “real” build oh so many years ago.

Since they will be going to a place where they will most likely not find the best care, I figured that start inexpensive and work my way up. So go to the Parts Express home page and get to the hifi-drivers and select bass,mid-bass,full-range, sort to 4″, price low to high.

First in line is the Dayton Audio PC105-4 4″ full range poly cone @4ohm for $12.79. 40w RMS / 80w MAX, 80-15kHz, 90.3dB, XMAX 2mm. Put it in a 3/8″ plywood box (13-1/2″x8-5/8″x5-5/8″) with a 4-1/4″x1/2 slot port. -3dB is 54.3 Hz and the box/port tuning is 62.7 Hz. Overall 63-15kHz.

Next is the LaVoce FSF041-00 4″ @8 ohm for $12.99. 40w RMS/80w MAX, 110-18kHz, 89dB, XMAX 2.2mm. 3/8″ plywood box (14-1/2″x9-1/4″x6″) with a 5-1/4″x1/2″ slot port. -3dB is 49 Hz and box/port tuning is 65 Hz. Overall 65-18kHz.

Lastly, the PRV Audio 4MR60-4 4″ full range @4 ohm for $19.99. 30w RMS/60w MAX, 90-15kHz, 90dB, XMAX 2mm. 3/8″ plywood box (17″x10-7/8″x7″) with a 5-3/4″x1/2″ slot port. -3dB is 40 Hz and box/port tuning is 53 Hz, overall 53-15kHz.

To extend the highs, the GRS 1TM-4 1″mylar dome tweeter @4 ohm for $2.90 (90dB). It may only be 5 watts,  but if you crossover at 10 kHz with a 4uf nonpolarized cap (#027-330 @$0.53), you’ll be hard pressed to find that much energy up there.

Thank you for your support. 😀

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