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Maybe a little premature since I’m still developing these, but might fit the need very well, especially when you consider space is at a premium in a dorm room.  The picture is of the first prototype, some minor changes are underway now.  I’ve scaled them down a little smaller than the ones pictured and they are now 18.5″ tall, 4.5″ wide, 6.5″ deep.  Desktops capable of some surprising output! A bit deceptive from their looks and not what most think when they first see them. Driver arrangement is mid/tweeter/passive radiator/passive radiator/woofer.  The bottom woofer from each cabinet is wired in parallel back to the .1 sub portion of the amp. The Dayton 2.1 Amp also gives the end-user quite a bit of flexibility on tailoring the speakers to their own taste.–300-3831

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