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  • ajc9988

    March 24, 2021 at 8:13 pm

    @123toid – yeah, I’m going to pick up some books on amplifier design. I think getting a better grasp on the design process will help with how ambitious this project will be.

    I haven’t done calculus in nearly 18 years (so have to dust off that cap for some of the limit and integral stuff from some of the equations, both for this and the speakers). I also always sucked at reading schematics! So I have a book for helping with schematics, I have the loudspeaker cookbook on the way, then will need to buy the engineering textbooks for designing amplifiers, one dedicated specifically to class D amplifiers and CMOS integration.

    My other hobbies are calibrating displays and building and overclocking computers. From that I’ve seen some cheap places to pickup prototype PCBs. So I figure if I learn enough, figure out the layout I want, etc., I could pay to have the PCB prototype and then just have to solder down the surface mount components.

    That and it is cheaper to get started by picking up an old used receiver that does at least 100W+ per channel. That will buy time to develop the skills needed to do it right. Also, if I treat this like grad school, I should be able to read through the books quick enough to pick up what I need.

    Stay tuned because I will be filling this thread in as I learn more and get my design down.