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Posted by: 123Toid

That is crazy.  I mean, I’m glad you fixed it, but definitely not something that should need to be fixed.  Yikes.  That reminds me of someone who took apart some computer speakers.  They had a nice looking tweeter and a woofer.  Upon opening it up, you saw the tweeter, wasn’t even real.  No motor or terminals or anything.  It was literally glued into place just for looks.  yikes.  It’s even worse when it isn’t a faux tweeter.

It’s what I call a “Day One” issue … a manufacturing defect.  I could have exchanged them, but I would have ended up with another pair with the same defect. I could have just returned them but I would have to pay the shipping and a restocking fee so I would be spending money on something I didn’t have.  The only thing that made any sense to me at that point was to fix the problem myself, keep them, talk to my friend about using something else and write a rather scathing review.  I got stuck with them and my friend got my Elacs… Such is life.

Of particular interest in all this is that Cambridge Audio could not give me any information about those speakers… They didn’t even know the crossover point or crossover type.  I’m guessing they bought a pre-fab design from China and stuck their own name on it… Pig In A Poke Speakers.

Also the strong resemblance with the Elac Debut 6.2 and several other makes and models is not lost on me… While this appears to be a good configuration, I do have to wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes.


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