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  • grumpe1

    August 28, 2021 at 10:46 pm

    It’s the twins Birthday!

    My bouncing bundles of joy sprang to life at a mere 75lbs each. Hungry little devils, but the NX6000D feeds them all they can eat…lol

    Couldn’t hear them, couldn’t hear them… then realized the floor was vibrating as was my chair. Reversed polarity, shifted them about a bit… and now my face hurts from this stupid grin I can’t shake.

    Took a que from your post, and set a 4th order L/R at 20hz. Did as CSS recommended and put a 6db boost centered at 25hz, Q=1… and put a 1200 watt limit on there… for now 🙂

    Soup to Nuts, $1800. That’s both kits, amp, SVS feet, 50′ 10ga cord and amenities…

    Mr Toid, Thanks! couldn’t have asked for a nicer kit, or better people to do business with. CSS and their beastly drivers will long have a place in my home… along with my clones 😉