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  • grumpe1

    August 29, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    First Impression: They don’t sound like subs…. My old sub just boomed, and there was no mistaking the mud it contributed when there wasn’t boom. These Sdx12’s extend the sound down. They just bring all this new sound to the room. Clean & articulate. My mains go 30-20k, and are weak at the bottom. I found leaving them set as Large, and low pass at 100… integrates soooo smoothly for movies. Seamless!

    14″ cube is perfect for my needs. Even 18″ boxes wouldn’t have worked. For space & budget constraints, I don’t think better could be had.

    First impression of the NX6000D is very positive. For a budget amp, it does just fine. The NX software is a god-send. The little screen on the amp would have me cross eyed, but open up NX Edit and it’s all there on the big screen to tweak and set as you please.

    The noise isn’t half bad either. I’ve gone to great lengths to have NO fan noise out of my HTPC, so the Behringer will get upgraded but there’s no urgency