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“Sorry this took a few days…”

No worries… kind of you to reply during. Hope the vacation was all you’d hoped for.

I pulled the trigger… almost…lol. Have been learning about room calibration, along with bass management… I’ve opted for two of the sealed units, rather than one passive radiator.

The living room is the listening room, is my theater room. There’s a 75″ open arch on one wall, an open doorway into the kitchen where the eat in counter is open… So odd/open as the layout is, having two subs seems prudent.  Also, two 14″ cubes will be easier to place…much easier! 4″ more for the passive unit didn’t seem like much till the measuring tape came out.

For an amp, the Behringer NX6000D’s been purchased. I liked the crown series much better, but the cost difference coupled with the ascetics. The Behringer will blend in with the HTPC & AVR. The unit is overkill for my needs… so it should provide a clean signal being used so far below it’s capacity. They have a history of quality issues, and noise… but I’m ok with upgrading a fan or making an exchange if needed.

So, the almost part of pulling the trigger… the amp is here, one kit is on the way… and it’ll be next month before I order the second kit & amenities. I’ll post again in a few months and let you know how much plaster comes down 😉

Thanks for the inspiration!

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