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  • sb-woo

    August 19, 2021 at 4:02 am

    Ok, so I messed with it a bit. Made sure everything was setup correctly in control panel. 

    When I do “Test Leads Calibration” I usually get a little more than 0.7 ohms (0.7188 0.7201 etc)

    If I do impedance calibration after that I usually get 950 ish ohms. If I repeat impedance calibration after that it reads very close to 1k. (1001 999.4 etc)

    I have also gotten squigly blue line all over the place. Several times.

    So it looks like when I restore default calibration my first initial test of resistance is often low or all over the place but if I test again after that it cleans up nicely.

    I just want to be sure im getting accurate results