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  • ajc9988

    August 17, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    @123toid – Yeah, going to 4 Ohm will definitely help. Considering they are 4+4 speakers, you have options (and if doing car audio, you could bring it to 1 Ohm), lol.  The tweeter looks like a sealed back, so that doesn’t need a separate chamber for it.

    Minimum height internal dimension I would try is 16″ (the 3″ tweeter plus 2 almost 6 inch at basket edges, unless wanting to screw the driver frame into the top or bottom wood pieces). I got 1025.6 in^3 and tuning frequency of 40.51 with a dual driver with vent. I’d go 7″ internal width, which leaves it about 9.16″ deep before adjustments for driver volume, bracing, etc. After the adjustment, you could easily be looking at around 11″ deep. The vent, if doing a shelf vent, would need to be 1.25″x7″x21.68″, which if it is 11″ deep by the end that means you would add 4″ to the bottom to account for a vent to the back and back to the front of the speaker, meaning you are now around 20″ tall, which also means I’d need to double check the depth after that winding. The first port resonance would be 312.16Hz. Also, to wind up at 11″, I estimated 20% for everything else, which is likely wrong depending on which style of bracing is using, the vent, etc. I’d have to throw it into my spreadsheet (which I will do later).

    The filter I put on it is a high pass at 24Hz, thereby making X-Max at 80W per driver (still have to leave some for the tweeter, although likely the tweeter would only need around 30W or slightly less to match the two mids pushing 80W) like 10.5mm, leaving it a full 4mm below X-Max, while not interfering with how low it can reach, which should be an F3 around 39Hz. I did not have it include voice coil inductance since this doesn’t cross low and the bl features.

    Here are some of the images from my winisd setup:


    Granted, this was a quick and dirty design, so take it for what it is. But it isn’t a bad start, and even these 5.5″ drivers having around an F3 of 39Hz is impressive.