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  • zarbo-audio-projects

    August 18, 2021 at 2:07 pm

    Nick, thanks a lot for the link to my video on the mini-Epique driver. 

    I actually left a lot out that I wanted to say… like how nice the frame is and how thick the mounting flange is (nearly a full 1/4″ thick) and how thick the sealing gasket is 1/8″ if not thicker…

    It’s a beauty of a driver, and a darn shame to hide it in a box honestly….

    If the motor is quiet enough at high-excursion, I wonder if a mini-tower with two of them could be arranged with the bottom one crossed as a .1 and mounted magnet-side-out for some extra bling…

    …Or maybe even a little mini-subwoofer magnet-side-out with the driver on top… say for a small computer desk sub or for a small bedroom setup. I used Dayton’s sag calculation on both the 5 and 7″ versions and it seems they can be mounted up or down-facing with no issues.

    I enjoyed the video describing the inner workings of this series of driver, thanks to you and Chris — a really great guy — for doing this. Exciting times for speaker builders!

    Thanks again 

    TomZ, aka Tom Zarbo, aka Zarbo Audio Projects