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I saw these with the announcement of the High Excursion Reference Series. My first thought was a replacement for the Tang Band subs. After watching your video and seeing the bl linearity, I was much more impressed. It’s power hungry to get over 100dB, because it looks like you want to level it around 80-81dB instead of 83dB on the frequency curve. At 100W, that is +20dB. It can handle 200W RMS, but that is bringing it to just 103dB. Granted, most watch or listen between 86-96dB, so the low sensitivity should not matter.

But that linearity and low distortion really makes this something to consider. And if doing this (I pulled numbers from the 7″) as dual mid, crossing over at 1800-2000Hz, you can get it where it should do over 102 without worrying about RMS at all.

But this should be good to do a speaker down to 40-45Hz decently well.

As far as looks go, these are beautiful. Also, glad they are including the decay waterfall and the harmonic distortion on the third page of the spec sheet.

Overall, these are some that look fun to play with!

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