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1) Do you think (even with the DSP present) that the sound quality of the Tang Band speakers and the distortion levels are improved enough to justify the additional price?  

The tweeter is definitely a step above. I’ve used the other peerless tweeter and I am not a fan.  SO I would either upgrade the tweeter or go with a  different one.  I’m not sure I would choose the W6 as a mid-range by itself.  Although, it is a great speaker and it is an underhung motor, so it will be great.  If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the second set of drivers.

2) Is it worth paying the extra for the DA25TX00-08 because they are more sensitive (so you would use less wattage) which also would allow for more attenuation if needed in the high end with the DSP EQ?

THe one real benefit is while DSPing it you have a much less of a chance of accidentally blowing it.  I do love that tweeter though.

3) Would the extra $30 on the sub give you less distortion or smoother bass (I’m leaning toward the $100 subs on this one, but would like to hear from other’s that know more)?

I think your sub choice is fine.  Although, it is a little weird that your sub is the same size as your midrange.  That is atypical.  BUt it is your design, so if those are the drivers you like, then go for it.

4) Is the APP worth the money to buy the programmer for each and every speaker? Or just buy one, calibrate the speaker with the calibrated microphone once (or every so often if you feel the response has changed), and call it good? You could just hook it up to a laptop in the same room, after all (requires mounting a plug to accept the plug between the boards on the backplate, instead of mounting just two USB ports to extend to the plugs for each board; unless using an easily removed backplate to access the connector on the amp), and correct in the final spot it will be in.

I’m a little confused on this question.  The Wondom boards use Sigma studios, which is free.  You would then just need to buy one ICP-1 from Wondom or from Parts-Express.  Dayton Audio DSP amplifiers are the Sure Amplifiers rebranded.  I would still get a calibrated mic.  WIthout it, you are just guessing witht he DSP.  Let me know if I missed something though. 

5) is there anything I am not seeing in this build? Any cool ideas to build on from what I just laid out?

Looks like a good idea to me.  I am interested to see how it turns out.

6) Which of these two builds (or a Frankenstein of the suggested drivers, or another driver or tweeter you want me to consider) would you want to own more? Which of these two builds would you buy?

I would consider this peerless tweet over both of them:  It would save you some money and is an excellent performer.  It is the same one I chose when I built my studio monitors. 

For the midrange, this 4″: I used with great success or you could even check out this 5 1/4″ HDS:  Both of these should be easy to work with and should get you really good sound. I would keep the mid a little smaller than the subwoofer.

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