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  • ajc9988

    June 19, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    So, for those that are like me and think t-nuts are not as good as wood inserts, or just do not want to deal with t-nuts, here are the wood inserts I got for this project and why:

    E-Z LOK – 901024-20 Threaded Insert, Zinc, Hex-Flanged, #10-24 Internal Threads, 0.787″ Length (Pack of 50)


    E-Z Lok Threaded Insert, Zinc, Hex-Flush, #8-32 Internal Threads, 10mm Length (Pack of 100)

    MroMax Wood Furniture M6 x 25mm Threaded Insert Nuts Interface Hex Socket Drive Carbon Steel Bronze Tone 50pcs

    The first two are Zinc because they will be used to secure the drivers to the baffle. Specifically, the first one will work with the 5mm holes in most drivers, while the length will work easily with a double baffle (or if you are not doing it to keep the air seal and drilling straight through, just the benefit of NOT having to secure a T-nut that can fall off).

    The second one is for smaller tweeters and such with 4.5mm holes, which have less weight, so the smaller length likely will not matter for securing the driver.

    The last one is 1″ m6 threaded inserts. You can get Zinc instead of carbon steel, but it costs more. I plan on using these to secure the feet (matches common spike sizes, even though I’m using rubber, makes it easy to switch in the future) and for the plate amp. That way to save the others for around the speakers.

    I am likely also going to use waffle speaker grills. With a name like The Seas Speak, the waffle grills are to make people think of port holes and the grid metal grates on ships. Any effect on sound likely can be addressed with the DSP, and with wood inserts for the attachment of the waffle grills, there are no worries about removing them and putting them back on because nothing will wear out with the wood inserts.

    But I mainly find 6.5″ waffle grills and I need to check if that will work or not with the SEAS. I’ve been busy/lazy with research and haven’t just gone and measured.

    But that is a bit more about the aesthetics/fit and finish. And even though they are more expensive now (part on Trump and his trade war which Biden is continuing, part is shipping and lockdowns by Newsome in CA restricting offloading of products at the largest port in the US and other shipping costs), it really is the little things.

    But the first one is harder to find, the 20mm version of the #10-24, so wanted to share.