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  • ajc9988

    June 7, 2021 at 12:26 am

    Turns out this has just become a tower speaker.

    Also, finalized the sub today after my paycheck. I’m using the Scan-Speak 30W/4558T00.

    Easier than rewriting the T/S and other parameters. Even though the RMS is 150W, the X-Max is 25mm. The long-term max power is 350W. Meanwhile, this speaker’s response shows 89dB@2.83V, making it extraordinarily sensitive for a subwoofer. The modeling looked phenomenal.

    I currently modeled it’s box volume at 5.5ft^3 (155.7L), about 23-24L larger than the manufacturer says for vented, which they say has an F3 of 20Hz at 132L. And, of course, this is a scan-speak product, so quality is just about assured.


    So, this means the SEAS U18RNX-P 6.5″ and the SEAS Titan 27TAC/Gb will be sitting atop a massive box for the 12″ Scan-speak. Maybe call it The SEAS Speak. Don’t know yet.

    But, considering it is a three way, you don’t have to have the subwoofer supporting many smaller speakers (another reason I went this route). That same rationale made me almost get the CSS 12″ subs, as they are great sounding and high detail until they go distorted. At these levels to match the other two drivers, it should never reach the distortion realm, which would have sounded very nice. But, the Scan-speak just edged it out.

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