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@123Toid – Here is an article showing the distortion for the CSS sub you love: (Dickason testing)

It has really low distortion from 20Hz all the way to 100Hz (or 200Hz), giving it a clean sound.

Granted, this is the 15″ SB Acoustic sub, but it does show where the distortion is and how quickly it dropped to lower than the 10″. Now, I suspect part of what dropped the distortion so quickly is volumetric in nature, so I would suspect, to a degree, that the smaller subs from SB would also have low distortion, but would not reach as low and might take a little longer for the distortion to drop. But, generally speaking (and since this is the company that mfrs the Satori line of speakers), I think their subs should have similarly low distortion, even in the smaller ones, although it must be noted the 8″ uses polypropylene, the 12″ is paper, and the 15″ is honeycomb paper fiber with fiberglass.
Now, you cannot use the shallow sub to really explore Dayton’s distortion, but it gives a peak at what I was discussing in the distortion from 20-100Hz.
That is where I wound up here, a great thread testing distortion (although he didn’t have the Dayton subs by the time he had his methodology down).

That then led me to this website:

There, you can look through the different size daytons and some of their testing, including by size for distortion. If you look at the 8″, the distortion doesn’t settle until 50Hz. If you look at the 12 and 15″, they both settle down around 30-35Hz, which means a little bit of certain types of music can be effected.

Now, these are not the only factors, but this shows a bit on the distortion testing.

Also, it is clear some subs are already on a downward slope by 100Hz to 200Hz, whereas some are flat out to like 400Hz. Those that have a high peak between their low and 100Hz, you can use a DSP to tamp that down to flat. But, looking for something more relatively flat throughout (or like the CSS, small bump, but then fairly flat throughout after that, similar to a pop from a tuning port design) can allow for other characteristics to shine in the sub.

This isn’t to say any sub is bad, designed wrong, etc. This is to point out that some trade-offs can be seen in those charts, while those that know better how to read the T/S factors can divine even more.

But, with that said, the 12″ Daytons do really have low distortion quickly.

But that has been my rabbit hole on distortion and subs the past week or so. Fun stuff.

If I misstated anything or got something wrong, let me know.

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