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  • ajc9988

    April 19, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    @elliottdesigns – Good to know regarding the tweeter and open baffle.

    Also good to know on the amp. If I may ask, considering the impedance difference (and going 6 Ohm to 8 Ohm usually drops wattage supplied from 100W to 80W, depending on a couple factors and roughly converted on some designs out there), do you think 100W per channel feeding a 100W RMS tweeter and 80W driver would be enough? Or 200W not being too much for the bridged channel (with the channel still only having 150W RMS needed by the sub, but 200W bridged should be 12 Ohm (whole no free energy thing), so it may work the channel harder)?

    Sorry, I am still a noob (although SigmaStudio does look up my alley).