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Hey there guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve been online but I’ve started freelancing whilst at uni to save up for speaker building. Anyway getting to a few tips I have for this project…

I love the Wondom DSP amps. The problem with Jab5 (4x100W) is that it doesn’t support 4ohms, only a minimum of 6 if you look in the specifications. It’s really frustrating since I was going to use the board myself and only found out a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t. Instead, I’m opting for 2 Jab3/3+ (haven’t decided which yet). I found it should still be cheaper overall since 2 lots of 24v 5A power supplies are still cheaper than 1 36V 15A power supply needed for the full potential from the 4×100 amp. (well its cheaper over here in the UK anyway, not sure about the price differences for you guys).

As for DSP, I’d highly recommend using REW as you mentioned, but it’s actually quite a capable board, so what I will be doing is using a free program called rePhase, import the DSP profile from REW and convert it to a linear phase FIR filter to use in the DSP (it’s a great method and I’m currently using my PC to do the signal processing, (equaliser APO)). Normal EQ has always sounded a bit off for me and I found out that it’s because the phase gets shifted over the frequency range depending on what frequencies have what gain etc. You don’t get that with FIR filters but you do get some delay (which I’m alright with). Also, with the DSP boards, I would recommend doing a time offset for the tweeter to get it properly time aligned with the midbass.

Hope at least some of this helps!


Elliott Dyson – Elliott Designs (YouTube) – 3rd year MENG Student

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