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  • ajc9988

    April 19, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    @123toid – Well, you will be happy to know that before seeing this, I changed and decided on a different sub and mid woofer.

    1) SB Acoustics SB23MFCL45-8 (unless the Dayton RSS210HO-8 would have less distortion, but I think the SB would have the similar performance while less distortion),

    2) SEAS Prestige U18RNX driver.

    The SEAS driver costs the same as the Tang Band, but I think would work out better. That, combined with the SB Acoustics sub performance should be a better selection.

    I had already decided to go to the DA25TX00-08, but will look the one you recommended over.

    For the question on the programming board, when connected to a PC, I’d only have to have one board to program. But, WONDOM also has a phone app which allows for changing the other elements. After finding the autoEQ and reading ElliottDesigns post, I think I’ll just program each speaker to flat separately using that method.

    As to calibrated mics, I have a miniDSP UMIK-1 that has a separate calibration file from Cross-Spectrum Labs.

    @ElliottDesigns – Thank you for the response as well.

    I hear you on the JAB5 being limited to 6 Ohms. I currently was asking Sure Electronics if the two channel bridged to 200W, because that should cause it to be 12 Ohm potentially, could handle an 8 Ohm load.

    That is also why I chose the 8 Ohm versions of the SEAS Prestige U18RNX and the SB Acoustics sub that is 8 Ohm. Also, the DA25TX00-08 is 8 Ohms, so if the AMP bridged channel can handle up to 150W at 8 Ohm (the RMS of the SB sub), then the JAB5 becomes the perfect compliment.

    I will roll around what you mentioned on the JAB3s or what I might do is get the other component for running the channels and get the 2.1 channel amp that has 2×200 and 1x400W. But I’m about to purchase the speakers I mentioned anyways (unless someone can point out why the Dayton sub would be the better buy).

    Also, thank you on the linear phase FIR filter. Definitely worth it. I also loved using equalizer APO. GREAT CONTROL!

    Also definitely planned on the time delay if needed (I am thinking of going open baffle for the tweeter on top to better push it back to align it with the other drivers; but, even then, timing can be an issue and you have to watch out for too far back effecting sound below the top ridge for the cabinet, which means the time delay is a great compromise to accomplish anything I cannot do properly with driver alignment).

    Thank you both!