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  • ajc9988

    April 24, 2021 at 4:43 am

    @123toid – I have modeled a couple so far. Kind of narrowed the field to the following:

    SB Acoustics SB23MFCL45-8 (8″,limited and cannot be put in too large of a box without exceeding X-Max; but if like the other SB subs, low distortion above 50Hz)

    Peerless XLS-P830452 – well regarded, good on distortion, 10″, able to be used in a small vented box (like 1.268ft^3 models to F3 25 and others have achieved F3 of 27 or 28 with this sub); drawback is it needs vented or dsp to unlock, which I plan on using both, so no real drawback

    MX12-22 – This little guy is a beast; models decently well, but needs a box the size of the RSS265HO-44 to really unlock it; it can match the RSS HO performance with fewer watts in an equivalent box, or it can keep up with the SB in a similar size smaller enclosure. Dayton has this going for it: it can do low distortion under 50Hz and can go deep. But, Dayton, in designing for that, has more distortion than others in the 50Hz and above range, which can muddy types of music and other sounds compared to some competitors. That doesn’t mean it is bad, just it has limited use cases. Also, above 100Hz, some models seem to go off the rails, so some daytons have to be crossed there, which is often fine as that is before directionality of the sound really picks up.

    Now, Peerless is the quietest of all three, but it also can be used in the smallest space while still having a flat response. The SB is good, but limits out due to box size. The MX12-22 seems really nice, as it is able to fit in a decently small space, but can hit deep.

    From left to right is the following (all vented (all 120Hz LP filter except U18)):

    Dayton RSS265HO-44 2.1ft^3 23.3Hz tuning freq. 1.5″x12″x38.87″ port 174.06Hz 1st port resonance HP filter 15Hz LR

    SB23MFCL45-8 1.2ft^3 25.8Hz tun. freq. 1.375″x8″x33.98″ vent 199.09Hz 1st port resonance HP filter 22Hz butterworth 2

    MX12-22 1.066ft^3 33.36Hz tun freq 1″x12″x24.29″ vent 278.52Hz 1st port res. HP filter 10Hz LR

    XLS-P830452 0.488ft^3 41.58 tun freq. 0.875″x10″x25.38″ 266.56Hz 1st port HP filter 15Hz LR

    U18RNX-P 0.644ft^3 48Hz Tun. Freq. 1.5″x7″x16.32″ 414.5Hz 1st port res. HP butterworth 2 – 32Hz

    The U18s can already play down pretty low. So even without a sub, these could do well.

    P830452 – 35.9L (1.268ft^3) 26.1Hz
    SB – cone excursion at 3.35ft^3 21.92Hz
    MX12-22 – 2.273ft^3 24.1Hz

    Didn’t change the RSS HO nor the U18. But that extends all of them to the 20s to low 30Hz.

    The CSS 10″ would add $240-280 over the price of these drivers, which is why it is not in the running. If I had the budget for that, I would try to likely stretch it to the SB 12″ sub, if being honest. All of the above are around $140. But unless I build a smaller box, the SB is excluded, and it feels like the peerless or the MX12 may be the better choices. Difficult decision. Really comes down to if I want a 2.5′ box or 3’+ tower.

    As to the drivers that came in:

    SEAS Titans: 2 are like a perfect matched set; 1 is around the same FS as the two in that set, but 1 is around 900Hz FS, over 60Hz higher than its brethren. All pass the rub and buzz.

    SEAS U18: for the two that came in, they passed the rub and buzz.

    Both have the bump in impedence around 1000Hz (this model, in the spec sheet, normally had the bump around 700Hz, which you can see a little bit around, but usually the bump the size of 1KHz was around 700Hz in the spec sheet).

    I ordered 4xJAB5 from Sure Electronics, mainly because I could not find ADAU1467 boards cheep enough (because they are still so new). ADAU1467 development boards are about $170 a piece. But, it can run higher quality filters without an issue.

    I ordered 4x500W@36V power supplies to run those boards (even though they are only 4x100W@6Ohm; that way I will never over run the power supply to make it heat or burn up).

    So literally the sub is the last decision to make. But since the JAB5s are on the slow boat from china….

    But more to come…