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  • rskmd

    December 19, 2021 at 12:49 pm


    My small photo group would hold zoom meetings of about a dozen people at a time. We shared a screen and we where able to have good discussions. I often acted as moderator but often there was no need. Other times I would open mics up for individuals as they raised  their hands to speak. Moderator also kept discussion on track and limited time per photo ( and speaker as some tend to make speeches😊

    I mention this just as an example. My vision is of a small discussion group(s) that can have a back and forth discussion on topics of our choice, spontaneous or planned. People could present their projects for discussion, ask questions they are trying to resolve , or we could invite guests ( we would sometimes have a judge for photos) . I think there are lots of possibilities.

    Obviously some organizational time is needed. I am retired and would be willing to work to get things started if there is interest and support.

    If there is interest, perhaps a call to brainstorm things a bit.